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The fort is octagonal, with the north-south axis longer than the east-west axis. It represents the great Mughals who once ruled our land with great pomp and elegance. Walkways are crumbling, and public toilets are available at the entrance and inside the park.

The Pearl mosque or the Moti Masjid standing near Rang Mahal was also a superb structure with breathtaking features.

लाल किला पर निबंध | Essay on Red Fort in Hindi

The Lahore Gate entrance leads to a mall with jewellery and craft stores. The entire construction was well planned, excellently executed, marvellously ornamented and superbly decorated. It was also artistically- constructed with excellent facilities for transaction of business.

There is also a museum of "blood paintings", depicting young 20th-century Indian martyrs and their stories, an archaeological museum and an Indian war-memorial museum. Red Fort is one of the building complexes of India encapsulating a long period of history and its arts.

Two soldiers and a civilian were killed in what the news media described as an attempt to derail India-Pakistan peace talks.

In preparation of the visit, some buildings were restored. This period is considered as the golden age in architecture and fine arts. Write an Essay on the Red Fort of Delhi Article shared by The reign of Shahjahan, the grandson of Akbar, the great, is noted for the construction of grand buildings, palaces, gardens, mosques, mausoleums, forts and other works of art.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Even before its commemoration as a monument of national importance, efforts were made to preserve it for posterity. When Jahandar Shah took over the Red Fort init had been without an emperor for 30 years.

Within a year of beginning his rule, Shah was murdered and replaced by Farrukhsiyar. Although today the Red Fort has lost much of its original magnificence, elegance, and beauty, still its architectural excellence, superb construction, intricate designs, harmony of proportion, glazed tides, rich decorations etc.

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Delhi Police and paramilitary personnel keep watch on neighbourhoods around the fort, and National Security Guard sharpshooters are deployed on high-rises near the fort.

The fort-palace, which consisted of several impressive buildings, was noted for elegance, grace, splendour, originality, rich decorations and fine artistic designs.

It was built of red sandstone on the west bank of river Yamuna. One of the best monuments left behind by him is the Red Fort, the work of which was completed in It was on this marble pavilion that the great Mughal emperor, Shahjahan, sitting on his peacock throne gave audience to princes, nobles, foreign ambassadors and distinguished visitors.

This architectural masterpiece still provides some glimpses into the glorious epoch under the Mughals. The Red Fort, once the symbol of Mughal power and supremacy, is a major national monument of our country. Various requests for restitution have so far been rejected by the British government.

Nadir Shah returned to Persia after three months, leaving a destroyed city and a weakened Mughal empire to Muhammad Shah. Security[ edit ] To prevent terrorist attacks, security is especially strict around the Red Fort on the eve of Indian Independence Day.

Write an Essay on the Red Fort of Delhi

The first was held between November and December at the Red Fort. The tea house, although not in its historical state, is a working restaurant. It symbolised heights of Mughal cultural advancement and majesty.

The mosque and hamam or public baths are closed to the public, although visitors can peer through their glass windows or marble latticework. He returned to Red Fort as a prisoner of the British, was tried in and exiled to Rangoon on 7 October of that year.

The major architectural features are in mixed condition; the extensive water features are dry. Much of its elegance, grace and beauty can be still seen even today. Shahjahan, the successor of Jahangir took up the reigns of administration in and ruled the country for about 31 years Lord CurzonViceroy of India from —, ordered repairs to the fort including reconstruction of the walls and the restoration of the gardens complete with a watering system.

Some buildings are in fairly-good condition, with their decorative elements undisturbed; in others, the marble inlaid flowers have been removed by looters.its agra fort made and repair by actual mughal empiers but before that it had alreddy made up so many lords and kings and gradually they hade came to stay.

finally yreas to years had gose down and new period comes up. so interesting story and i also like history. i want to tell you gyani pandit team such story you give us in hindi as same as you write.

Top 10 interesting facts about Red Fort New Delhi: Red Fort was originally white! The British painted it red. It was originally known as killarney10mile.com are some of the interesting nuggets. ADVERTISEMENTS: लाल किला पर निबंध | Essay on Red Fort in Hindi!

मुगल सम्राटों ने भारतवर्ष पर लगभग चार सौ वर्ष तक एक छत्र राज्य किया । सम्राट अकबर से जहाँगीर तक मुगल साम्राज्य काफी. In this article, we are providing information about Red Fort in Hindi- Essay on Red Fort in Hindi Language. लाल किला पर निबंध- History of Red Fort in Hindi.

लाल किला पर निबंध – Red Fort Essay in Hindi

Introduction of red fort The Red Fort (usually transcribed into English as Lal Qil'ah or Lal Qila) is a 17th century fort complex constructed by the Mughal emperor, Shah.

Red Fort is a historic fort in the city of Delhi in India. It was the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for nearly years, until [1] It is located in the center of Delhi and houses a number of museums.

Write about red fort in hindi
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