Web server write access to the owncloud directory

The keys are mapped to a specific cameras but cameras can be changed to new ones. Click on Save on top to save any changes you make and also from this screen, you can activate licenses for cameras. To zoom in on the video, I used a pinch motion to get detail on what type of car this is.

You can use pinch motions to zoom in to get more closeup detail and swipe your finger to move around the image. Some have run into Windows firewall issues trying to access the XProtect server remotely on another PC inside your home network as well as remotely. You can do 1 by 1 or put the parameters in the template and click on Apply.

Smart Search allows you search through recorded events looking for motion using a more specific part of the image than you may have chosen for recording.

You view your cameras and recordings using one of 3 XProtect clients. Across the bottom is a timeline that shows all cameras and the selected camera that has a blue border around it. For most homes and small businesses, the most popular versions are Go and Essential. You first select which cameras you want to see clips for and then click on a thumbnail to start playing it.

The web interface has improved from previous versions and works very well for me while traveling. I never had much luck with any software I installed in finding cameras so I just went the manual route.

Instead of the Playback timeline, this shows clips as thumbnails. You can setup views to show different cameras, for example, say you have 8 outdoor cameras and 8 indoor cameras, you can create a view of the outdoor cameras and another with the indoor camera and switch between them. For example, in this screen, I set the Pre-recording and Post-recording times.

Double clicking on a camera will display it in a full window single camera view. When you first connect it will allow you setup a location, in my case I called it Home. In the screen shot below, the Driveway camera is selected and it shows a red bar in the timeline for each recorded event.

To select a start time, click on the calendar icon and it brings up a window where you can slide sort of like a timeline. Every Windows version is different, but on my Windows 7 PC, this is what I did to allow remote connections — run wf. The third tab is Sequence Explorer.

Tapping on a camera shows you that camera as large as it will fit on the screen in the proper aspect ratio. You can drag the timeline left or right to view more events.

Milestone XProtect is available in multiple versions of XProtect raging from their free Go version up to their Corporate version.

You can enter the IP addresses, username and password for all of them or one or a few at at a time. Clicking the clock icon provides a list of recordings to chose from. This is what the camera license activation screen looks like.

To export video, click on the icon in the lower left that looks like a square with a line on each side. Smart Client works very well and is an improvement as compared to lower end solutions that combine the server functionality and client application into one.

I had no trouble setting up my cameras with Milestone. Next it will let you configure which hard drives to use. Double click on the camera again to return to the previous multi-camera view.

Clicking on the Playback tab allows you to view the recordings that have been made. Tapping on All Cameras shows my 8 cameras. This pretty much covers how you can view your cameras and explore recordings using Milestone XProtect.

The Go version is free and you can download any pay version for a 30 day trial. The license key file is selected during the install process. Click Start Export to create the export files. A good use of this would be if police requested videos of 2 cameras in front of your home from PM, you can provide them a player so that they can see what you see in Smart Client with basically the same functionality like timeline scrubbing and multi-camera playback, for example, in the right window I took advantage of the ability to zoom in to the mail truck.

The last way to access your cameras is via Milestone Mobile. You can position the brackets to cover the time window you wish to export and click on Export to bring up the Export window. As you drag the timeline, it will display video for all the cameras that were active at the time./*Can't write into config directory 'config' You can usually fix this by giving the webserver user write access to the config directory in owncloud */ I have checked the config dir by typing this linux command.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Drobo 5N2: Network Attached Storage (NAS) 5-Bay Array, 2X Gigabit Ethernet Ports (DRDS5A21) at killarney10mile.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Cannot write into "config" directory!

SELinux issue. Help me, please: (Other. selinux. Cannot write into "config" directory!

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This can usually be fixed by giving the webserver write access to the config directory. Server configuration Operating system: CentOS 7 Web server: apache Milestone, the leader in commercial NVR software came out with a new release a few weeks ago and they have made some good improvements.

Milestone is one of my favorite NVR solutions and has some of the widest coverage of network cameras out there as well as very good smartphone apps and remote browser access.

Interesting article giving the perspective of someone who has been away from TiddlyWiki for a few years: {{!!url}} TiddlyWiki, a “non-linear personal web notebook”.

Web server write access to the owncloud directory
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