Ucl computer science coursework cover sheet

Coursework submitted within two working days of the deadline will be marked.

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This page last modified: Coursework submitted late without good reason should be marked according to the following rules: Organisation of coursework When setting coursework for students you must tell them including by email to the module mailing list: Briefly, students may not challenge the assessment of the academic content of the work.

The mark obtained will then be scaled by a factor 0. Coursework submitted more than two working days after the deadline will be marked but a mark of zero will be awarded. To get amendments made for the coming academic year please contact the Departmental Administrator Academic Policy and Operations Details required include: If a student contacts you to challenge his or her results, and you feel unable to deal with the complaint yourself, please forward the details including a brief commenatary giving your point of view to the Chair of the UG Board of Examiners j.

Late submission of coursework Deadlines for coursework submission should be applied rigidly. In most cases, coursework submitted on paper should be handed in to the Departmental Office at Reception on the 5th Floor where there will be a list for students to sign. You must proof-read and correct all errors.

Appendices should be kept to a minimum and should not be used to get round the word limit. Illustrations should be included within the text, to fit within the A4 format. Course lecturers will advise you of the word limits and format to be followed in their individual course, but the normal format for presentation is as follows: Work will not be accepted by email.

Please remember to pre-arrange your courework deadlines with the Departmental Office staff ext Coursework is treated no differently to an examination in this regard. If you are granted an extension for any piece of coursework, you should still be able to upload your document to TurnItIn via Moodle and it must be submitted by 12pm noon on the new deadline.

Appendices of statistical data, etc. Page size should be A4.UCL Image Processing graduate MSc courseby Gabriel Brostow. Image Processing UCL Computer Science GV12 / Official Syllabus Instructor: Gabriel Brostow with help from Wole Oyekoya Demonstrator: Josias P.

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Oct: Image transformations link: Oct: Morphological operations link. Current Students. Undergraduate Graduate (Taught) Graduate (Research) Forms for all Programmes: Coursework Coversheet (PDF) Coursework Coversheet (Word) Module Amendment Form (Word) Seminar Amendment Form (Word) Authorised Absence Application Form (Word) University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT +44 (0)20 For all submitted coursework students should state the number of words in the text (excluding tables and figures, footnotes, the bibliography and appendices but including quotations and references in the text) in their cover sheet.

research hub for computer science and communications University - (8) Forms. Centre authentication form (DOC, 67KB) Unit F/F - Coursework cover sheet (CCS) (PDF, KB) Unit F/F - Coursework cover specification gateway science chemistry a - ocrinformation studies - ucl - london's global universitythe international.

School of Computer Science and Informatics. Coursework Submission Cover Sheet. Please use Adobe Reader to complete this form. Other applications may cause.

Also see guidelines on plagiarism and coursework agreed at the Teaching Committee meeting September the lecturer could also ask the students to hand in a signed cover sheet at reception (this should be pre-arranged with JJ in the normal way).

Guide to the Assessment of Undergraduate Programmes in the Computer Science Department.

Ucl computer science coursework cover sheet
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