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Dances such as the Charleston, Black Bottom, and the Shimmy, were considered wild by older generations. Special features include excerpts from African Americans who suffered as a result of the flood, film footage before and during the flood, and an interactive maps with images of the flood.

Flappers had a scandalous image that raised many eyebrows and caused much disturbance amongst those in society. Alcohol was outlawed at the time in the United States, and young women were starting to drink at an early age.

Flappers of the Roaring 20s

She was a part of the Jazz Age. Their boldness was seen as dishonor to all women.

Homosexuality amongst females became greatly practiced because of the freedom statement that these women were making. Some even carried hip flasks full of alcohol so that they always had it at reach. Another thing that they did to show their rebellion was drink alcohol. In this sense, Fitzgerald builds an image of a hollow American Dream, one that is characterized by disappointment, loneliness and profound failure as far as the truly important things in life.

You could also see the flapper attitude emerging. They felt more comfortable in this type of fabric. Corsets did not allow them to move like they had to, so underwear called "step-ins" replaced pantaloons and corsets.

For educators, there are also classroom activities grouped into into 4 categories: This companion to the American Experience video series offers insights into the Spirit of St. They wanted to be different, to break away from the old image and morals, so they smoked.

Fatal Flood A companion to the American Experience video series, this PBS site explores the Mississippi River flooding in the spring of that inundating hundreds of towns and killed as many as a thousand people. Their elders saw this as a lack of respect towards their achievements.

Fitzgerald called this decade the "Jazz Age," a term which embodied the cultural revolution that defined the decade in question. This started new courtship patterns in which romance, sexual pleasure, and companionship were the main focus, instead of monetary status and land.

Then the haircuts just kept getting shorter and shorter into what was called the "shingle" or the "Eton. The girls wanted to go out and have a good time, so they did. Flappers indulged themselves in the nightlife.

I believe that women are equally able or even more able to perform roles that men do in society. Fame ensued, but so did tragedy years later with the kidnapping and murder of his first child.

Women usually wore a cloche hat to compliment their bob hairdo. At this time flappers also experimented with other women. This is also the case of Dexter who, working at a local golf course, envisions himself becoming a golf champion.

They also experienced sexual freedom in the cars, for they often found themselves in the back seat. They expressed themselves through clothing by wearing bold colors, and revealing clothing. One of the very recognizable fashion features of flappers was "bobbed" hair.

The flapper waistline dropped to the hipline and she wore stockings rolled over a garter belt.

American History » The Roaring 20s

The Atlantic Monthly described flapper dances in the His dreams of success are fueled by his love for Judy Jones who becomes the embodiment of his "winter dreams" of accessing a glittering world which appears full of possibilities and fulfillment.

Fashion was a big statement for flappers.Roaring 20s Web Sites Clash of Cultures in the s and s Produced by the Ohio State University History Department, this is an informative introduction to cultural tensions in the s and s, exploring topics such as prohibition, immigration, the KKK, the “New Woman,” and the Scopes Trial.

Essay on The Roaring Twenties - The Roaring Twenties Do you ever find yourself wondering why the s were called the Roaring Twenties. The Roaring Twenties was a celebration of youth and culture. During the s. Roaring Twenties Essay Words | 4 Pages The Roaring Twenties The decade of was a time of great change, reform, improvement, adjustment and alteration of everything Americans had come to rely on.

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Roaring Twenties Essays (Examples)

Roaring 20s Essay The s were a time of tremendous change in America. It was a period of time called The Roaring Twenties, where America becomes urban and commercial and gets to know the speed, spending. Teacher's Edition for The s with Discussion & Essay Questions designed by master teachers and experts who have taught The s History / The s / Teaching / Teaching The Roaring Twenties Teacher Pass includes: Assignments & Activities.

Roaring 20s history essay
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