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The maximum capacity of the outsourced company and process costs per unit have significant effect on the profitability. Uncertainty in demand and lead-time is one of the major issues in any manufacturing supply chain. A Case Study of Volvo Construction Equipment Implementing and Expanding Reman in Russia This Bachelor Thesis covers the advantages and disadvantages of Reman, as an alternative to the purchase of a brand new product, specifically based upon the variables vital to implementing or expanding a program in the Russian market.

This paper defines the concept of fuzzy stochastic Petri net FSPN based on Petri net theory and credibility theory and proposes an approach for modelling and analysis of reverse logistics using FSPN in both stochastic and fuzzy environments.

Remanufacturing technology

Maintaining a long-term relationship with third-party service providers, designing the components with a longer life cycle, and transforming and remanufacturing of defective components directly impact the profitability over the life cycle of a product.

The inventory carrying cost variations have direct effect on the inventory turnover ratio. The defect rate Remanufacturing thesis disassembled components, however, is considered to be variable which makes the demand for spares to be variable.

Sensitivity analysis is performed to investigate the effect of capacity, inventory carrying cost, Remanufacturing thesis cost, lead-time, and defect rate variation on profit and amount of scraps.

A Reman program is a strategic decision in manufacturing businesses; it will affect both sales of new machines and the after-sales product support. Under the guidance of an expert editor and with contributions from pioneers in the field, Reverse Supply Chains: In the aerospace industry, where safety and performance are the overriding concerns and repairs are highly regulated, it could be perceived that remanufacturing has minimal appeal.

In the second stage, the fuzzy expected values of the transition firing rates are calculated based on credibility theory and then the FSPN model is degenerated to a conventional stochastic Petri net model.

The contribution of the proposed approach is that it provide theory basis for modelling time critical, dynamic and complex systems in both stochastic and fuzzy environments using FSPN.

Remanufactured products allow firms to add another product to the after sales market with the potential to capture a higher percentage of the service in the profitable after-sales market of construction equipment.

Tuesday, 22nd September The Research Question This book will provide a foundation and understanding of the topic and also highlight how current issues can be approached in a decision-making situation—using the appropriate technique. Uncertainty is incorporated into an extended model through the scenario-analysis approach and outsourcing is considered as an option for remanufacturing of the customer owned components.

In restricted markets, like Russia, what variables are necessary to define why and how Reman can be a possible alternative to buying a new product or simply repairing an existing one, and when are alternatives a better option?

Dealers are reluctant to stock because of the impact of significant negative cash flow due to unpredictable demand. However, the very low design tolerance of manufactured components results in a high percentage of defects.

The chapters cover metrics for quantitatively comparing competing new-product designs for end-of-life disassembly on a reverse production line, how to use the theory of constraints thinking processes to determine the core problems in reverse logistics, and an integrated multi-criteria decision-making methodology using Taguchi loss functions AHP Analytic Hierarchy Process and fuzzy programming.

Conclusions Below are ten general findings, based on empirical research of databases and over 60 hours of unique interview sessions, followed by analysis. The perceived and actual value of a new machine is higher when the customer realises that he can sell his used core and components after a certain number of hours, instead of simply scrapping it.

Some of suppliers to the main manufacturer might already be active in the remanufacturing market, and may be able to provide the main manufacturer with Reman components equivalent to the new components it already provides them with.Remanufacturing returns used products to original performance with a warranty matching a new counterpart.

To be price competitive in the market, remanufactured products have to be produced with. used in different companies carrying out remanufacturing operations. This thesis presents case based research that was carried out on the inspection procedures of sixteen companies.

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These included companies from all. Master thesis project on circular economy solutions– Remanufacturing of gearbox Circular economy Circular economy aims to reduce. Mariano Martinez, Marielk del, "Evaluation of remanufacturing as a production alternative to reduce the magnitude of environmental impacts using TRACI" ().

Thesis. The combination of remanufacturing and lean manufacturing offers a good opportunity to increase process efficiencies in remanufacturing industry. This paper reviews the current state of practice of lean manufacturing philosophy in the automotive sector, together with an identification of needed further research.

i Solving Manufacturing-Remanufacturing System Production Planning Problems Using Lagrangian Relaxation Pegah Abrishami Shirazi A Thesis in The Department.

Remanufacturing thesis
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