Read the passages in chapter 3

Nick then proceeds to describe his everyday life, to prove that he does more with his time than simply attend parties. Long passages adhere to a pretty rigid structure: In this atmosphere of opulence and revelry, Nick and Jordan, curious about their host, set out to find Gatsby.

Jotting down key words or short phrases in the margins of your test booklet forces you to engage with the text. This keeps you from zoning out and increases concentration. In addition to jotting down the main idea, you can also circle key words or underline them.

In order to … attention … patronage … digestible package Read only the first quarter of the passage. Note exactly how long it takes you to read the passage in the space provided at the end the passage. At midnight, Nick and Jordan go outside to watch the entertainment.

Jotting down notes also prevents you from losing focus and zoning out. Second point in support of proposed argument with supporting data. The rich, both socialites from East Egg and their coarser counterparts from West Egg, cavort without restraint. While Vitruvius did accurately capture the main features of the Etruscan style, actual Etruscan temples deviated quite significantly from his ideal.

In Read the passages in chapter 3 case, we started skimming as soon as we hit what looked like supporting data in the second paragraph. Knowing which parts of a passage you need to actually read and which you can skim is a crucial part of getting the most points you can on RPs.

Nick says goodbye to Gatsby, who goes inside to take a phone call from Philadelphia. We might ask why Vitruvius ignored the architectural diversity of the many different Etruscan temples with which he clearly was familiar.

The physical act of reading in this way, which includes doing a little bit of writing i. He had one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life. Chapter 3 Summary One of the reasons that Gatsby has become so famous around New York is that he throws elaborate parties every weekend at his mansion, lavish spectacles to which people long to be invited.

Jot down the key features of this chunk. Nick starts to walk home. Without such broad training, Vitruvius argues, no architect can understand proper architectural theory.

Make sure to time yourself down to the second. Experiment with the practice material at the end of this book and do what works best for you. Despite the tensions between the two groups, the blend of East and West Egg creates a distinctly American mood.

First point in support of proposed argument with supporting data. Remember to be flexible in defining the first quarter. Nick says that Jordan is fundamentally a dishonest person; he even knows that she cheated in her first golf tournament.

While the Americans at the party possess a rough vitality, the Englishmen there are set off dramatically, seeming desperate and predatory, hoping to make connections that will make them rich.

The vast majority of passages give at least some idea of the topic, scope, main idea, and sometimes even the purpose in the first quarter of the passage. Follow this method every time you encounter a Long RP: The man introduces himself as none other than Jay Gatsby.

They sit at a table with a handsome young man who says that Nick looks familiar to him; they realize that they served in the same division during the war.

The goal here is for you to maintain the level of concentration you normally experience when you read in untimed situations. Jot down the key features of each paragraph.

Circle or underline signpost words or key terms. Nick feels attracted to her despite her dishonesty, even though he himself claims to be one of the few honest people he has ever known. Read the italicized introduction."Read the Passages in Chapter 3 Where Jack and Simon Are Each in the Forest.

How Does the Language Convey Their Contrasting Character and Roles in the Novel?." 12, View Notes - CHAPTER 3 STUDY GUIDE ANSWER KEY from J at Sandhills School. OF MICE AND MEN: Chapter 3 Reading and Study Guide I. VOCABULARY: Be able to define the following words and understand92%(13).

Chapter 3. Informal Reading Inventory Running Records Group Inventories General Assessments Evaluating Writing ELL Readability Levels Page numbers where term can be found located in definition. - used to determine students' reading levels. Consists of word lists, reading passages, and comprehension questions.

Can also include silent. Read only the first quarter of the passage. Jot down the key features of this chunk. The vast majority of passages give at least some idea of the topic, scope, main idea, and sometimes even the purpose in the first quarter of the passage.

“Quarter” is a loose distinction—don’t count up the lines and divide by four. Chapter 4 () – “The fire was dead ” to the end.

What is the Importance of this section in the plot of the novel? How does this passage help our understanding of the main characters? How does it help us to understand what Golding is trying to say in the novel as a whole?

The major event of these few pages is the first sentence. Jul 13,  · For example, in “John ”, “3” is the chapter number. Look at the verse and determine which chapter it is from in the book.

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Read the passages in chapter 3
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