Pantene consumer behavior

The Trouble with Clean. Also can take advantage of the new brand switch trigger to open the market.

Survey Pantene Consumers

By adopting the clear bottle with the transparent colorless shampoo, or black purple grind arenaceous packaging. These symbols always come with Pantene, we called it brand personality.

There are two ways to gain the market share. We can pick another brand. Pantene consumer behavior to a survey done of more than female consumers throughout Bangkok, Thailand and Hanoi, Vietnam, there are several factors that influence loyalty to a shampoo: So I think the advertising should focus on the young people.

Highlight the concept of young; it is aimed at young customers to design advertisement. The new packaging will attract customers, especially the young customers to buy their products. Does your new shampoo formula contain honey, lemon grass, or rosemary?

Learn more about market research directors here. As a strong, modern woman, your daily activities display resounding strength. She found that just the thought of a bad hair day caused both men and women to feel inferior and perform below their regular level of function.

To prevent the further development of Garnier by suppress Garnier. Minnesota Twins player Joe Mauer discusses his amazing hair and healthy scalp with a female fan. Market Research Director As a market research director, the psychology of marketing falls under your jurisdiction.

Does its accompanying conditioner utilize the moisturizing properties of lavender oil? Pantene needs apply some actions to stem the decline and accomplish the goal.

Most parents have experienced the bath time battle. Can be bolder to develop a new product according to the needs of the market, according to the customer taste design packaging, adding different fragrance.

Increasing investment in advertising, the advertisement should add some attractive scenes. According to the analysis and study of Nielsen, we found that the VO5 had a high market share but with a low brand equity. Standing out from the Suds Unlike many beauty products, shampoo is one that can be experimented with, since it is a low-cost product that involves little purchase risk.

Repair & Protect Shampoo

The brand personality is not very strong as Garnier. The best way is acquisition; the other way is creating a new brand that focus on the low price and family market. How does that make you feel? This new brand should aim at the low price market, also can put on the for whole Family label, to capture the low price market from other brands.

Personally, Palmolive and VO5 are promotion driven products, because they have already became the cheaper shampoo, the price will attract low-income people.

This sub-brand will have: Create a new brand. And Garnier gained 5. Alternatives Keep the Goal in mind: Having a bad hair day?

Why we just focus on the Garnier? We can gain the market share by striking the VO5. This means that shampoo brands rely on marketing professionals to help them stand out from a wall of similarly-priced products.

Brand Loyalty Research Overseas Somewhere along the way, a myth began that shampoo stops working the longer you use it. Totally different from Pantene.Mm pantene final 21, views. Share; Like; Download Ansumali Behera, Working at Tata marketing campaigns and marketing strategies to more effectively reach the "official" definition of consumer behavior is "The study of individuals, groups, ororganizations and the processes they use to select, secure, use, and.

Pantene Consumer Insights

Sep 21,  · nielsen: market research for pantene InGarnier was launched in the United States, and it gained % market share within a year. During the same period, the share of Pantene, the market leader declined from % to 20%.

The Repair & Protect Shampoo Pro-V formula nourishes hair, fueling it with protecting power against future damage for stronger, healthier*, more beautiful hair. Pantene consumers are generally very low income, Asian, and adolescent age. Pantene consumers are more likely to purchase Pantene during larger pantry stocking trips.

Brands such as Olay, TRESemme, and Secret also tend to be purchased in the same trip. Sample consumer insights data below. Consumer Behavior is not only the study ofwhat people consume, but is also the study of who the consumers are, whythey consume, how often they consume, and under what conditions killarney10mile.comER BEHAVIOUR refers to the buying behavior of ultimate consumers,those persons who purchase products for personal or household.

Get shiny, healthy looking hair with Pantene shampoos, conditioners, styling products and hair treatments, designed to meet your hair's individual needs.

Pantene consumer behavior
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