Novel editing services prices

Wondering What To Pay An Editor In 2015? Use This Cheat Sheet

How complex is your book? So we do one round of editing that includes copyediting, proofreading and tons of comments on big picture stuff like plotting, character motivation and consistency. After graduating in English literature, she was happy to turn this penchant into her profession.

A good book editor will significantly improve the writing and catch all the mistakes. We have helped authors who covet publishing success, and others whose ambitions are more niche. The editor makes detailed comments to give you constructive feedback on the character development, plot structure, point of view, and more for fictionand on the organisation, tone, and the strength of your arguments for non-fiction.

We have advanced degrees as well as extensive experience in writing, publishing, editing, and proofreading. Eliminate spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes Improve word choice, tone, awkward phrasing, flow and readibility Make the writing more engaging Ensure consistent language, spelling American or British Englishand style Where appropriate, make comments and suggestions in the margin about content, such as plot problems, weak dialogue, etc.

Book Editing Services for Authors

Every author we work with can have great sense of confidence that their work will be polished and ready for publication. Paying for a service that looks at your story and helps you tell it powerfully — could help book sales.

I was a book editor for several years, and now I manage a book editing company. My approach to fiction editing is to give authors advance warning as to how commercial publishers may react to critical elements of their novels and how to address the problematic issues in a thorough rewrite prior to submission.

We optimize the language in the context of the genre and target audience, ensuring that the style and tone is appropriate, while also paying attention to the many universal norms of good fiction and non-fiction writing.

Manuscript Critique Our Manuscript Critique gets straight to the point by highlighting the issues that stand in the way of your success. Fiction authors can expect feedback, insight, and advice on: Contact us now Please contact us now if you have any questions about our service, or would like to discuss your book in detail.

Although a friend or family member may be willing to edit or proofread your novel, an experienced novel editor is much better equipped than a hobby editor to provide the editorial assistance needed to make it a publishing success.

Use these numbers as a barometer for what you might expect to pay for an editor. Clarity--is your writing easily understandable to even the most basic reader? Novel editors clean up and critique your work.

For the beginning writers: Clients receive two documents at the completion of our work:Click here for an INSTANT price quote and a free book editing sample! Professional novel editors at your service!

Your book editor reads and examines every single word of your manuscript while considering each sentence, paragraph, character, plot. Our book editing services help you create the book you’ve been striving for. Work with an editor with the best combination of skills and experience for you.

Professional Editing for Your Writing. Proficient editing, careful proofreading and professional feedback We provide an expert service for publishing your manuscript, book, magazine, text book, story, novel, manuscript, screenplay or script.

We refine and polish your documents at unbelievably low prices without any compromise on. We will respond with a FIRM price and a GUARANTEED turnaround time. There are NO hidden fees. No obligations!

Editing Services

You get a team of professional editors serving your writing needs 24 hours/day! PLUS, get a FREE professional editing sample of your writing with every price quote.

Global English Editing’s book editing services are designed to provide quality editorial assistance to authors at affordable prices. We are a great value option for authors regardless of their publishing aspirations.

Here’s How Much You Should Expect to Pay.

Looking for a Book Editor? Here’s How Much You Should Expect to Pay

by Blake Atwood. I wish there was a middle ground for writers: an editing service that prepares your novel for submission to agents and editors at publishers, but doesn’t cost your first child!

But new writers do need a full service of editing at an affordable price. I am not sure how to.

Novel editing services prices
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