Native americans vs african americans 3 essay

So, it sends a wrong message that young black men are violent and hostile. On the other hand, some of these families on these reservations are very family oriented unlike the African American families in the projects.

Now if you tell me that if there was only one kind of race then I will tell you that if all roses were red then what you would have given for a funeral?

They respected the land and believed it belonged to mother-nature, so it could not be owned or sold. Although these two locations are very similar they also differ.

Many of them decorate the buildings they are living in with graffiti expressing their gang colors, symbols, or motto. They invaded the lands claiming territory, killing buffalo, and plowing through the grassy plains to make room for their crops. Most of them are drug dealers, alcoholics, prostitutes, or doing any and everything to try and provide for the child.

Native Americans Conserved land and viewed its resources as scared, while the Americans felt as though the land was nothing but opportunity for their colonies. Horsemen could easily outride Indian sentries before the sentries had time to warn Indian troops being them, and could ride down and kill Indians on foot.

And the act of Americanizing the Native Americans is an invasion of culture and norms which is the true color of a colonist. These Native American families have up to seventeen family members living in one house.

On the other hand, American settlers viewed the land and its resources as limitless opportunity. Jeremiah Wright; people never forget to show this acquired sense of racism.

I think these are superficial reasons but the real reason is that he is the first black president in the history of United States. Many of the young men follow after the footsteps of their father, older brother, or uncles which is why this cycle has continued for so long.

Secondly, many of the young people have no faith growing up in the projects. But I have to be optimistic that we have been able to institutionalize this racial discrimination by creating Civil Rights Act which prohibits the discriminatory treatment in employment decisions on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, and national origin.

The place where I was born and raised never had racial problem but immense ethnic and caste problem. All the guns were able to do is cause a physiological effect on the Native Americans.

This essay will compare and contrast a couple differences of these two cultures. Native Americans typically stick together as a unit. A lot of the parents on a reservation go from job to job not being able to keep one job for a long period of time. Because he gained astonishing success in his short political career or he is a very skilled orator or he is a very intelligent man who was also the president of prestigious Harvard Law Review.

The south Asian countries are in great turmoil of caste exploitation and ethnic exploitation which I think is new to most Americans. In contrast, Indian blunt clubs, while capable of battering and wounding Spaniards and their horses, rarely succeeded in killing them.

In case of race, I think discrimination and privilege portrays the power. Both of these minorities are going through some hardships. A final reason is because the Europeans transmitted contagious and fatal diseases. Although these parents are trying to provide for their children a lot of the time they are also on welfare.

Most people would probably have thought that guns played a major role but in reality it played a minor role. In contrast, while Native American youth also live in poor housing, the environment is safer than the projects.

Therefore, the reservations environment is a better environment than the projects. The reservation is a safer place then the projects.

Racism Against Native Americans and African Americans

Similar to the projects, houses on a reservation are old, beat down, and dirty. They were defeated and this cycle was continued by more Spanish conquistadors until the Native Americans were completely defeated. The stereotype that young black men are criminals and drug abusers has further ghettoized the African- American community and has destroyed any possibility for normal family and community relations.For example, native African and American religions have similar concepts of animism and the High God.

Their differences are seen in their treatment of their ancestors. The native religions from America and Africa are similar but also have several differences.

The Europeans Vs. the Native Americans

Animism is a common concept among native African and American religions/5(10). Therefore, the Native Americans family structure is stronger then African Americans. In conclusion, Native American youth living on a reservation have it better then African American youth living in the.

Essay on Native Americans vs the United States of America. These minority groups include Americans who are Native, African, Latin/Hispanic, and Asian. More about Essay on Native Americans vs the United States of America.

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Native Americans vs. American Settlers Essay

African Americans Vs. Native Americans In today’s society there are many people living in poverty. All across America there are different projects and reservations where the less fortunate reside. Statistics show that mostly minorities live in these different locations.

Essay about Native Americans vs Europeans In the time of the American Revolutionary War, there were many differences that influenced how our country turned out today. Most of the cultural differences occurred between the Native Americans and the Europeans that had newly settled in what is known today as America.

Free College Essay The Europeans Vs. the Native Americans. How can Spanish soldiers defeat an army of 80, Native Americans? Well in the yeara Spanish conquistador /5(1).

Native americans vs african americans 3 essay
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