Influence of broken homes on children academic performance

Broken home due to death of bread winner 1. The study is equally aimed at highlighting the of unstable homes and its advert effect on the education of children from such homes further more, the study is for the purpose of letting the children to be able to understanding and how to cope or adjust to the situation arising from broken homes and that of learning in the classroom.

The focal point of this study is therefore: According to Jeffer Parents and guardian have been playing a role of leadership that requires them to maintain both an acceptable level of sociability with their children and acceptable standards of marriage or family existence.

The social effects of broken homes on the child has no respect for constituted authority, they are prone to innumerable dangers from which they could have been protected by parents of stable home.

Academic performance of children from broken home 2. Ghaerba in his study identified reasons for broken home under various types of family disorganization as follows: Quest for job social mobility 4.

Similarly, some societies are ruled by the female element in society, and a matriarchate is formed. Davis, Ola — michael in his sociology of education opines that each family has its culture. The home is seem as having crucial role in influencing and determining the education of the pupils with whim the school has to deal with such a view received official endorsement by social roots of different achievement.

Various meaning may be attributed to marriage. Second, we learn from parents enough of the motivations, the values that move them, to enable us to know the kinds of school experiences that children will be able to use, considering the values held by their parents.

The eliciting of social attitudes, the promotion of self-awareness as well as other awareness are all elements in the socialization of the individual. Children learn in their families the roles that people play. Breakdown of social status E. In some societies there has been a tendency for descent privileges, rights and obligations to be traced through the female line, and this is called matrilineal descent.

On the other hand, endogamy is an attempt to retain the purity of the group; at the same time there will be very precise rules to avoid any possibility of incestuous marriage.

To investigate how broken home affect the education of children from such homes.

This definition extends to broken marriage which is a marriage that has ended because the husband and wife do not live together anymore. In Singapore divorce among both Muslims and non-Muslims increased almost 70 percent between Polygamy is defined by oxford learners dictionary as the tradition or custom of having more than one wife at the time.

It is concerned with meeting the adaptive conditions of its maintenance of equilibrium, and with establishing instrumentally the desired relations to external goal objects.

Socialization in the family is much more than a mere question of house training, learning a few rules and accepting or rejecting familial sanctions. Emotional stability is, in the long run, far more vital for man than sheer physical excitement. Both parents would appear to be essential elements in the growth and socialization of the child; the roles they have to play one different but, at the sometime, complementary.

Economci activities trading 3. Many attempts have been made to provide a generally acceptable explanation of broken homes. The impact of these aforementioned organizations has not been felt in most parts of Nigeria as a nation.

Doris wrote that various terms are used around the world to describe mother who raises children alone.The family has enormous amount of influence on the education of the child both directly and indirectly.

there is the likelihood that the academic performance of children from broken homes will suffer a lot of set back.

The Influence Of Broken Homes On Children

analyzed data indicates that the students from broken homes complete favourably the same way with students from stable. influence of broken homes on academic performance and personality development of adolescence, but who is an adolescent? It could recall that adolescence is a transitory period between childhood and adulthood.

Read this essay on Effects of Broken Homes on Student Academic Performance. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". The influence of broken homes on students’ academic performance is designed to unveil the state of mind of the individual child in context as a result of the family background and its likely effects or influence on both academic performance and subsequent formation of philosophy in life.

The influence of Broken Homes on Children has being well explained in this project work. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The study on the reduction of the influence of broken homes on children’s academic performance in the selected primary schools in owerri, is a study that peeps into the social voice are tagged ”Broken homes”.

Read this essay on The Effect of Broken Homes on Children's Academic Perfomance. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

Only at".

Influence of broken homes on children academic performance
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