History honors thesis

Honors Research in History II 4 credit hours — we are currently in the process of amending this to 3 hours The Honors Thesis is completed and the final revisions are made. One source of interesting historical questions comes from debates between scholars: HI H should culminate in the selection of a topic for the Honors Thesis that is acceptable to both the student and the instructor.

Oral Presentation An oral presentation of the Honors Thesis is the final component of the thesis process. Students may also develop projects in the course of the Honors Seminar in the fall, but they must still find an adviser and get departmental approval for their thesis project by the end of the first week of classes of the senior year or they will not be permitted to enter the Honors Program.

Honors students in History define their own topics, work one-on-one with faculty mentors, and spend countless solitary hours conducting research, writing, and revising.

History Honors Program

Students receive mentoring from their advisors, the Honors Program Director who teaches the Thesis Workshoplibrarians, and graduate students; they also form close working relationships and friendships with one another.

Normally, this reflects between 25 and 40 pages of high-quality research and writing.

Honors Thesis

Requirements Are you contemplating doing a thesis? The completed thesis, with appropriate signatures, must be submitted to the Corette Library in pdf format by this date.

All requests must delineate reasons for the extension and indicate a new timeline for completion. Outstanding students who are considering applying to graduate school in history are especially encouraged to write an honors thesis. HI H is a directed readings course covering the literature of a broad historiographical field, from which the student should ultimately draw a more specialized topic for an Honors Thesis.

This sequence provides a group setting for writing the Senior Honors Thesis, which is a substantial work of historical research, pages long, based above all on the analysis of primary sources.

While most students will proceed with an honors research project based on primary sources, we also encourage students to consider comparative topics that engage the secondary literature across various fields and time periods. Presentations are scheduled for all students during April following the completion of the honors thesis.

To read the article, click Approval Process and Deadlines 1. With the advantage of more time and substantive feedback from professors, a student will have the opportunity to resubmit the proposal for review September 1st. A clear thesis Explanation of the significance and originality of the topic Demonstrated understanding of historiography and how your thesis contributes to this historiography Evidence of the ability to find appropriate sources A thorough engagement and familiarity with primary and secondary sources A clear methodology for research and analysis A well-written and structured essay that is argued and supported with appropriate evidence Scholarly standards of presentation i.

We do expect that you will have a specific set of art objects please include photographs of the art or architectural sites that will form the focus of your inquiry and a clear line of questioning.

Keep in mind that honors quality means well written, understandable to both specialists your advisers and sophisticated historians of any field or time period your peers in the Honors Programand demonstrative of a thoughtful and creative analysis.

History Honors Thesis Guidelines

A history thesis is typically 80 to pages long. Under Option 1, students will receive two course credits for completing the thesis -- one for each semester of the senior year. Your History honors thesis research may shed light on a particular area of disagreement.

Individual members of the faculty may suggest variations on these guidelines, so students should consult with their faculty adviser early in this process to reach a mutual understanding about the appropriate form for a thesis.

Students approved to pursue honors will also prepare an honors thesis prospectus a detailed proposal for the extension of their fall semester work that includes an annotated bibliography of both primary and secondary sourceswhich must be submitted to their advisor no later than the first day of classes in the spring semester.

Students pursuing honors under Option 1 will begin the process in the spring of their junior year. Friday of first week of spring term Eligibility: Upon completion of the program, a student is designated as graduating with either high honors magna cum laude or highest honors suma cum laude.

Under Option 1, honors candidates will present a progress report on their work to the entire department, including fellow students, at a departmental common hour near the end of the fall semester of their senior year.

Finally, students should reach an understanding of when various tasks will be completed and develop a preliminary History honors thesis for meetings. In the process, they have received hands-on advising from history faculty in developing their topics, conducting archival research, and writing the thesis upon their return to Gainesville in the fall.

If doubts about the appropriateness of the project persist, the department chair may be asked to convene a department meeting to consider the proposal. Presentations, weekly comments on the work of others, and active participation in seminar discussions with constructive observations and questions will complete that professional experience.

If the process is completed successfully, one copy will go to your adviser, one to the Honors Program Coordinator, one to each of the readers, one to the library, and one to you.

All those who successfully complete the History Department Honors Program will be expected to give a short oral presentation on their research at an open forum, normally held during the last week of classes.

Grade The thesis must be completed with a grade of C or better in order for the student to be eligible to graduate with honors.

The primary advisor, in consultation with the department faculty, will assign one grade at the end of the spring term for all honors credit two credits for students pursuing Option 1, and one credit for those pursuing Option 2.

Receive departmental approval of the project See Approval Process and Deadlines, next topic. The Coordinator notifies the student about the outcome of this process.

It is often helpful to state a "hypothesis" in your proposal. Remember to provide the socio-historical and cultural contexts relevant to the material you are examining.To pursue History Departmental Honors, students must have a cumulative GPA of and a History major GPA of Students pursuing departmental honors will enroll in a two-semester, two-course sequence: HIST (Fall) and HIST (Spring).

Permission from Honors Coordinator is required to enroll in both HIST and The History Honors Program is designed for History majors who are interested in carrying out a year-long independent research project that will culminate in an honors thesis.

The project gives qualified students the opportunity to work closely with an individual professor on a supervised research and writing project. Theses are evaluated by the honors program director and a committee of History Department faculty who award projects distinction, high distinction, or highest distinction.

Committee members also award the William T. Laprade Prize to the thesis deemed to be of exceptional quality. Students have the opportunity to graduate with honors in the major. Normally they will maintain a cumulative g.p.a. in the History Major of at least Students write an honors thesis, which is an extended research paper ( pages).

History Honors Thesis What is an Honors Thesis? An honors thesis is an original, independent research project undertaken with the guidance of a faculty mentor and culminating in a significant paper. History Honors Program. The History Honors Program is based around the writing of a page thesis.

Departmental Honors

A project of original historical research, the honors thesis is the most substantial piece of scholarly writing that an undergraduate can undertake.

History honors thesis
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