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Once a genome is sequenced, it needs to be annotated to make sense of it. In the medical imaging community, an annotation is often referred to as a region of interest and is encoded in DICOM format.

In other words, it means the assignment of typological representations culturally meaningful categoriesto topological representations e. One educational technique English annotation analyzing prose literature is to have students or teachers circle the names of characters and put rectangular boxes around phrases identifying the setting of a given scene.

The annotations can be embedded in class files generated by the compiler and may be retained by the Java virtual machine and thus influence the run-time behaviour of an application.

They can be used to add English annotation about the desired visual presentation, or machine-readable semantic information, as in the semantic web. Java annotation A special case is the Java programming languagewhere annotations can be used as a special form of syntactic metadata in the source code.

Both the federal United States Code and state statutes are subject to interpretation by the courtsand the annotated statutes are valuable tools in legal research. Imaging[ edit ] In the digital imaging community the term annotation is commonly used for visible metadata superimposed on an image without changing the underlying master image, such as sticky notesvirtual laser pointers, circles, arrows, and black-outs cf.

This can help establish blame in the event a change caused a malfunction, or identify the author of brilliant code.

Linguistics[ edit ] In linguisticsannotations include comments and metadata ; these non-transcriptional annotations are also non-linguistic. Learning and instruction[ edit ] From a cognitive perspective annotation has an important role in learning and instruction.

A collection of texts with linguistic annotations is known as a corpus plural corpora. Law[ edit ] In the United States, legal publishers such as Thomson West and Lexis Nexis publish annotated versions of statutesproviding information about court cases that have interpreted the statutes. Textual scholarship Textual scholarship is a discipline that often uses the technique of annotation to describe or add additional historical context to texts and physical documents.


DNA annotation or genome annotation is the process of identifying the locations of genes and all of the coding regions in a genome and determining what those genes do. The Linguistic Annotation Wiki [8] describes tools and formats for creating and managing linguistic annotations.

An annotation irrespective of the context is a note added by way of explanation or commentary.

Definition of 'annotation'

It is possible to create meta-annotations out of the existing ones in Java. This outputs a copy of the source code where each line is annotated with the name of the last contributor to edit that line and possibly a revision number.Meaning of “annotate” in the English Dictionary.

English. English; American; Examples annotation. noun [C or U] uk These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its. English Translation of “annotation” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online.

English translation of 'annotation'

OverEnglish translations of French words and phrases. An annotation is a note, comment, or concise statement of the key ideas in a text or a portion of a text and is commonly used in reading instruction and in research. In corpus linguistics, an annotation is a coded note or comment that identifies specific linguistic features of a word or sentence.

Definition of annotation noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. English. English American English Academic English Collocations Practical English Usage German-English English.

Definition of annotation - a note by way of explanation or comment added to a text or diagram. An annotation is a metadatum (e.g. a post, explanation, markup) attached to location or other data.


Literature and education Textual scholarship. Textual scholarship is a discipline that often uses the technique of annotation to describe or add additional historical context to texts and physical documents.

English annotation
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