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The amount of energy directed into empowering the employees, right from the subordinate staff to the management, reflects outwards into the clientele and gives wholesome returns and high profits.

In a documentary on the life of the airlines culture committee, they give their three pillars of the company: Valuation of Human Capital. What growth strategies should Southwest pursue?

This explains the lay-offs in many organizations, which in effect, increase the stock-exchange rate of the different firms within a short period Bhutoria, n.

However, it takes exceptional management to draft a strategy that will ensure costs of running a company are reduced while productivity increases.

The problems faced in the recent past, by the Southwest Airlines are because of the imbalance between human capital valuation, cost-cutting, and general productivity. Nevertheless, it is still important to maintain customer loyalty and ensure the workers are motivated, and there is room for creativity and growth in their line of work.

However, human capital has proved to be expensive not only to maintain, but also to develop. Therefore, the management of this Airline has offered effective leadership to steer the organization to success in both returns and appreciation of human capital.

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Colleen Barrett, one of the key leaders of the airlines, discusses in an interview how the management of this airline company seeks to achieve its goals, through service and not through imposition. Contact our live support team for any further inquiry. This strategy has worked effectively for the organization and has ensured constant profitability for the airlines.

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She also discusses in her interview, how a vertical approach where there is top-down leadership, brings a rift between the management and the workers of an organization, while at the same time facilitating undermining of human capital.

The first growth strategy Southwest Airlines should pursue is a pioneering strategy. Thank you for making BrilliantTermpapers the custom essay services provider of your choice.

Southwest Airlines, being known for its adverse recognition of human capital, ensures that the management and the workers work together on a horizontal relationship, such that all the employees of the company see each other as colleagues at the same level, whether management or regular staff.

However, the effectiveness of this strategy began facing strict competition from other airline organizations that adopted the low-cost strategy.Southwest Airlines strategy has been successfully implemented, and the above SWOT analysis does not indicate that a major shift in strategy should be made at this time.

They should continue utilizing a cost leadership strategy to. The basis of Southwest Airline’s competitive strategy is maximization and appreciation of human capital. In a documentary on the life of the airlines culture committee, they give their three pillars of the company: a warrior spirit, a servant’s heart, and a fun-filled attitude that are necessary for each employee to practice in their daily work life.

Southwest’s go-forward strategy Southwest has designed its strategy around its most important resources and capabilities. It should thus limit its scope to those activities where it has a clear competitive advantage.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Southwest Airlines has come across some issues and the one with the most concern is expansion. Southwest must meet the current and forecasted demand, find sufficient facilities, keep their strategy coherent and consistent, and ensure that the entry into a new market is timely/5(6).

Southwest Airlines strategy of focusing on short haul passenger and providing rates as low as one third of their competitors, they have seen tremendous growth in the last decade.

Market share for top city pairs on Southwest's schedule has reached 80% to. The FAA charged against Southwest Airlines that they flew unsafe planes in the air and that is a totally violation of the rules of safety. The Southwest Airlines had to compensate about $8 million.

The Southwest Airlines misses some major cities to serve like, Memphis, Richmond, Honolulu, Colorado, etc.

Competitive strategy southwest airlines essay
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