Case report for ecomagination and the global greening of ge

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Ecomagination: Driving Sustainable Growth for GE

This ad aired during the Super Bowl. The global corporation has overemployees and 3, facilities GE, Each GE division is encouraged to invent and restructure products to be more environmentally responsible and a team has been hired to oversee the campaign Gwynne, GE continues to sell coal-fired steam turbines and seek opportunities with nonrenewable energy facilities Kranhold, It is targeted at a vast audience including investors, consumers, corporate customers, lawmakers, and employees Miller, GE links its external communication efforts with its internal efforts to better penetrate the campaign goals.

A careful look at the advertisements and communication efforts reveal that GE is not attempting to sell a specific product, but instead is promoting a general idea. GE is also incorporating the eco-friendly practices into their own facilities and offices.

Rising populations and economic growth are already taxing energy and water resources, not to mention the environment. Employees are also responsible for holding to the set environmental standards.

The integration starts with products. The voice over explains, "Capturing the wind and putting it to good use—Wind Energy from GE, the cleanest renewable energy on earth" GE, It has also strengthened relations with original supporters and shareholders by showing that innovation can lead to both better environmental practices and increased stock prices.

SinceGE has been implementing the "Ecomagination" campaign to increase public awareness of the commitment GE has made to develop clean technology and sustainable infrastructure to solve environmental challenges while increasing financial gains GE, The final contribution provided 4.

Customers could use YouTube, Flickr, Howcast or Foursquare to showcase environmental innovations in their area or create their own media advocating for a more sustainable future GE, Today, GE is expanding the program with eight partnerships seeking to solve looming environmental and sustainability challenges in ways that make economic sense.

Over the past seven years, GE has utilized various communications tactics as part of their "Ecomagination" campaign. With its global reach and integrated components, "Ecomagination" fully meets the criteria to be considered marketplace advocacy.

GE has partnered with an organization called GreenOrder that ultimately decides if a product meets the necessary criteria GE, One example of an advertisement is of a young boy catching the wind. The campaign kicked off with eight-page inserts in four major newspapers, advertisements in magazines, TV commercials being aired during prime time and large amounts of news coverage.

These include the health care, transportation, city infrastructure, home construction, finance, entertainment, and power generation industries. Inthere were 22 new products introduced that met the necessary criteria to be considered an "Ecomagination product.

A search on environmental news sites like TreeHugger and Grist brings up headlines like "Greenwash Watch: Marketplace advocacy campaigns can work to overshadow issues like these and show the public all of the good the corporation is doing to avoid possible environmental devastations in the future.

GEnx jet engines use lightweight composite fan blades and fan case and other advanced technologies that allowed engineers to reduce fuel consumption as well as cut CO2 and NOx emissions and noise. InImmelt asked the U. This message and strategy have since been integrated into every aspect of the corporation.This case is about US-based diversified conglomerate General Electric Company (GE) and its environmental initiative Ecomagination that was launched in mid Through this initiative, the company invested liberally in renewable energy and cleaner technologies.

It also promoted energy-efficient Ecomagination products through its marketing campaigns. along with case studies of ecomagination in action.

'Ecomagination' at Work: GE's Sustainability Initiative

Ecomagination is driving growth for GE, and our customers, and providing the shared between GE’s four Global Research Centers (located in Shanghai, Munich, Bangalore and Schenectady) and each of ge ecomagination report. ecomagination and the global greening of GE (Solved) March 31, What strategic advantage over its competitors does GE hope to achieve with its Ecomagination Initiative?

Read Greening the building supply chain report from UNEP-SBCI (PDF) The Business Case for Green Building This comprehensive report highlights the large number of compelling benefits green buildings bestow on different stakeholders throughout the life cycle of a building.

The "Ecomagination: Annual Report" explains that it is necessary for GE to know that its investments are aligned with policy and supported by government (GE, ). To this end, Jeffrey Immelt, GE's CEO, has been active in helping to draft environmental government rules.

Ecomagination Ten Years Later: Proving that Efficiency and Economics Go Hand-in-Hand

GE is already working with Statoil, for example, to lower the need for water needed by hydraulic fracturing and cut CO2 emissions caused by flaring natural gas escaping from oil wells.

“Our goal is to create a network effect,” says Deb Frodl, Ecomagination’s global executive director.

Case report for ecomagination and the global greening of ge
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