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We ate all three meals together without television, telephone or the internet. Since we had not then seen Madras and our winter vacations were falling during the dates of the Conference, it was decided that we would all go with father and make a trip to the South.

We did not wait for another train. I wanted her to experience what I remembered: It affords us a chance to see new places and most interesting people.

We began to grope in the dark forest. We struggle to get out of it. Others were discussion their personal problems. A small child was wounded. It was a distance of sixteen kilometer from our town. The lids of my eyes got heavier and soon I drifted off to sleep.

The bus was now running in New Delhi. But the people were standing in a queue. Here and there children were playing about.

We crossed a steam. The nature was at its very best. I felt as if the earth was moving very fast. Thus we walked five kilometers of our journey. We hired a coolie and we went out of the station.

We also saw a hollow place. Enjoyment during journey Also, the sun was rising with all its splendid beauty in the sky. It is impossible to forget it. We decided very early in the morning to go to Beneras by boat.

Some of us got out of the train to have a look at the station. The train left urban area soon. Shepherds were grazing cattle. Old ladies in kerchiefs with baskets full of freshly made pirozhki — savory or sweet pies — shuffled by our compartment, closely followed by sturdy women in aprons selling apples, plums or peaches.

The sunlight had been cut of by the leaves of the trees. My destination was not very far. At last we all met at the caves.

One of our friends there received us at the station and he took us to his home being very tired, we had a good meal and went to bed immediately. The scene of the memorable journey peeps into my mind in the moment of solitude when I become tired of the mechanical urban life. Motor rickshaw has come forward to save our time and energy.

Train journey | Short Paragraph on Railway Journey | Short Essay for Students

We set out on our journey in the very clear hours of the morning. We decided to visit the caves at Jogeshwari. The scenery was very fine.I recently experienced something during the divingportion of a swim meet that I will never forget. My friends and I were cheeringon our only diver, who was ready to take her turn.

Free Essays on The Moment i Ll Never Forget. Get help with your writing. 1 through Train journey. In the life, almost people making the continuous journey.

Despite that, the trip left a permanent impression in my mind. I never forget the sweet memory of this voyage. The scene of the memorable journey peeps into my mind in the moment of solitude when I become tired of the mechanical urban life. IAS Paper × ×. Short Essay on a Memorable Train Journey.

Article shared by. I can never forget this memorable journey. The reminiscences of this journey often flicker in my mind every now and then.

Short Article on a Train Journey ; Write an Essay on Your First Train Journey ; Essay on 11th September – Terrorist Attack on America.

Short Essay on a Memorable Train Journey

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‘There is something rather serene about a train journey,’ he explained, ‘a. Tips for writers 2. Tip WRITING - A good narrative essay. Example of a narrative essay. A day I will never forget. It was a sunny day at the beach. The sand was hot under our feet.

My little brother Xoli started crying. “Pick him up, Busi,” my mother said.

Short Essay on Train Journey

I picked him up. He was so heavy.

A train journey i will never forget essay writer
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