A comparison of western and eastern business culture and practices

Though in the East, students are the beneficiaries, they submit to the authority of teachers and the method itself is far less interactive. Eastern Or Western Culture? How to address the person you are meeting properly will vary from country to country and business to business, but it is best to remain formal if unsure.

Western Culture Western culture as specified in the cultural map above is defined as these types of items: The limitations come with medication side effects and the number of medicines someone can tolerate without burdening an already impaired body.


Elsewhere, across the Levant and North Africa, the way businessmen and women dress varies greatly. The main difference between eastern and western culture is that people in the east are more traditional and conservative than the people in the west. Time moves in a different, more relaxed fashion in the Middle East and it is easier to go with the flow than to get frustrated.

Most Middle Eastern societies still hark back to their tribal origins even if society has progressed away from this structure politically. Women may be expected to play a traditional role. It is good practice to return the invitation. In summer they are usually 8am until 2pm, and in winter 9am until 1pm and then 5pm until 7pm.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are some common religions honed in the Western world. Arranged marriages are common.

Asian vs. Western business — differences?

Also, a person is given preference over family, so a person is more flexible and free to take decisions on his own, unlike those in the East. For businesswomen travelling to Saudi Arabia the long black robe known as an abaya which covers from the neck to the ankles and all the way to the wrists is mandatory.

These traditions maintain that illness begins in the energy subtle bodies that surround the physical body and is ultimately expressed in the physical body. Businesses based there often nurture their employees with HR policies that take advantage of cultural attributes that lend themselves to the practice of HR management.

Our brain remains far more sophisticated that what has been invented by them. As in many Arab countries, age is linked to seniority.

Top 10 Differences Between Eastern and Western Cultures

Make sure to accommodate their wishes, and really treat them to the experience of your generosity. It is quite possible that the person with whom you are talking is not the real decision-maker in the company and that your meeting and materials will need to be relayed to others later on.

They are meant to reduce symptoms. While these state organizations are undergoing massive changes as they move out beyond Chinese borders, they are still lacking in the flexibility and agility so needed in free market competition, as well as in some of the risk management and marketing skills so pronounced in the West.

Difference Between Eastern and Western Culture

East vs West So, this was all about how the culture and education system of East differs from the West. You may also encounter the system commonly known as wasta during your time in the Middle East.

Eastern Europe

It is a good idea to take prayer times into consideration when scheduling meetings. For example, in Japan, bowing is a sign of respect, and the depth of a bow communicates the esteem attached to the recipient.

It is also advisable to wear a headscarf, in case of an encounter with the religious police in the country.

East vs. West: A Cultural Perspective into Business Process Management

Asian and Indian companies are significantly hierarchical in their organizational structure.For years, I dissected the practice of Chinese medicine, rationalizing and translating it to fit a Western paradigm. Instead of understanding the practice as a living whole, I tried to break it into pieces, and, in the process, lost something vitally important (This is why Western doctors(MDs) usually stink at.

Western society - felt to have a more flattened socio-economic structure with fewer hierarchical levels. Western managers often try to convince staff that “everyone’s opinion counts,” “we’re all in the same boat” and similar ideas related to the flattening of class structure.

Business looks different in Canada than in China. Western values such as democracy, capitalism and human rights look profoundly different when applied in the East. Indigenous values clash with values coming from other worldviews, which can create different HR practices for those doing business globally.

How to gain trust in the Arab business world. Although this is changing as Arab countries gain more exposure to Western business practices, for many Arabs there is no separation between personal and professional lives, and as such, a potential business partner must also be considered a potential friend.

Why are Eastern and Western Treatments so Different? We can begin by realizing that medical science is, in some ways, a product of our culture. It does not represent absolute truth.

Western and Eastern medicines identify and treat different “bodies.”. Learn about Eastern Europe and business culture of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovak Republic.

Similarities in Eastern European business culture. but the level of uptake is at a level that is not yet comparable to that of Western and Northern Europe. Facebook is the most popular.

A comparison of western and eastern business culture and practices
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