4ps marketing strategy of micromax mobile

Rahul had convinced his friends to get into the mobile handsets business. They used celebrities and sports cricket to help in building their brand. Well, you know who is the winner here. During our thesis one of my batch-mates was working on Celebrity and its impact of brand image.

It had Swarovsky keys that glamorized the phone for the girls to flaunt. Dosti with Android I think this is the major factor which helped Micromax to be big and Nokia to lose. But Micromax knew that Indian people love cricket more than 4ps marketing strategy of micromax mobile other game and serial.

Though the mobile market was already dominated by players like Samsung, Nokia, Micromax still took a bold step of introducing the new mobile handsets in the Indian market.

Now they have started selling product in Russia as well. Simplify — A Social Media Analytics Tool But whatever handful of interaction it does, it is fun and youthful indeed!

The intention was to donate Rs. Comparison with Competitor I wanted to compare Micromax with another budget phone manufacturer like Karbonn or Lava, but the brand itself is eyeing to compete with Samsung and wants to snag its market share.

Which it is, thanks to its Canvas range of smartphones. This pricing strategy in its marketing mix is generally used when certain brand needs to capture the market in the sector where there are already existing players. Although Micromax is an Indian brand as the company is registered in Indiabut the manufacturing of handsets take place in China.

Micromax: Preparing for the Chinese Invasion*

They brought many models below 5K and penetrate the Indian market to a greater extent. Wish they were more conversational and had fun activities to complement their online presence.

Micromax roped in a face that was considered elegant and niche, Twinkle Khanna. The brand has a decent presence on, you guessed it right — Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Init entered the mobile handset business and byit became one of the largest Indian domestic mobile handsets company by offering unique yet affordable innovations. They were fully dependent of Open source Android. The tweets are a replica of their Facebook updates and only a handful of them go out in a day.

Discuss how consumer insights can help an organization to come out with innovations that can help differentiate your product Illustrate how a small new entrant Micromax with an entrepreneurial spirit of seeking opportunities can help it grow from INR 6. You can read about Micromax and its history on Google.

Micromax Marketing Mix

While they had set their sights at dethroning Samsung the Number one player in India, the Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Huawei and Gionee had started looking at the Indian market for growth. Micromax has also extended its arm in the field of Phablets and has introduced Fantabulet.

This was based on an observation that even the most popular brands of handsets launched by global players did not fully satisfy the local needs.

Inhe was joined by three of his friends and based on a persuasive suggestion of one of them Rahul Sharmagot into the mobile handset business in Reach to Indian market Soon after launching their own mobile handsets in the market they started opening outlets all across Indian cities.

My cast study on Samsung was completely wrong if I take case of Micromax.This case study focuses on the marketing strategies of Micromax and highlight some of the marketing mix decisions taken by Micromax which helped them become one amongst the top two players in the Indian mobile handset and tablet market Micromax: Preparing for the Chinese Invasion.

Founded in by Rajesh Agarwal (Rajesh).

A case study on Micromax’s Mobile Marketing Strategies – How did it Become Big in Indian Market

What are the 4Ps of marketing? Update Cancel. ad by Hotjar. If the company wants to launch a value for money mobile phone then its pricing strategy, its place for sale and its promotion strategy will hover around the positioning of the product.

Micromax can’t price its LED TV of 40inch above 50, else it will lose it value for money.

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Micromax Micromax Micromax is an Indian Consumer Electronics company located in Gurgaon, Haryana, IndiaMicromax is a challenger brand in the highly competitive mobile handset market. This Indian firm is shaking up the market dominated by MNCs.

Micromax was founded in by Rajesh killarney10mile.comax in its original avatar was a. MARKETING STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT OF MICROMAX CANVAS 2 A 1.

The mobile phone market in India is worth million handsets annually. While the big players like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and SonyEricsson make up for 70% share, the market has of late seen a slew of domestic firms such as Micromax, Karbonn and.

Samsung Marketing Strategy: The Master Brand. By Walter White. Promotion in the 4Ps of Samsung – Samsung marketing strategy uses diverse forms of promotion.

Age of Ultron and Samsung Mobile present ‘Assemble’ Part 1 and 2-The advertisement, starring Lionel Messi. Social Media Strategy Review: Micromax Mobile. Social Media for Brands; Strategy Reviews; Jan 26, Twitter.

Facebook. Comment on Strategy. Micromax’s social media strategy is flawed as it isn’t making efforts to be interactive. It is not engaging in discussion with people.

Social Media Strategy Review: Micromax Mobile

How OnePlus’ marketing strategy helped the brand.

4ps marketing strategy of micromax mobile
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